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The Final Bell Rings

School is finally out today in central Texas, where we’ve already experienced 100 degree days and no rain in sight. In two months, school will resume, with seven weeks left of summer at that point. Who makes the rules around here?

But 60 years ago, 100 degree days were rare, and I’m told that school actually started in September. In June of 1958, LIFE profiled Hempstead High School in Long Island up until their last day of graduation.

The white graduation gowns give ladies angel wings.

Harry Greene said, “Band and football have been the big things in my life at Hempstead High. Nothing like a tuba for keeping your wind in trim for the Saturday game.” But did he play both on the field AND during halftime?

Of Helen Ignelzi, both the Spanish and French teacher, students said, “A typhoon in the classroom. She had a way of looking at you over the tops of those half-glasses, which kept you on your toes. And she was a fanatic on irregular verbs!”

These students enjoyed the fall weather while cheering on a Tigers touchdown.

At the annual Greek Games, these ladies made fine Athenian horses with their chariot.

On Old Clothes Day, students sported unfashionable outfits. Harriet Hills, on the right, said, “This is the last thing in sacks. They make an hourglass figure look like a Mason jar. I come from Kentucky and always wanted to be a hillbilly.”

And lastly, we have Richard Lane and Mary Lou Albright. Mary Lou declared, “Everyone has her favorite memory of Hempstead. Mine will always be the senior prom where I felt like Cinderella in my pumpkin dress.”

Well, that wraps it up for the 1958 graduating class, who would all be around 78 years old now. Never forget you’re a tiger!

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Thomas Jefferson High School 1940

Sometimes the ads in the back of old yearbooks are just as interesting as the pics inside. This is a right fancy car for only $790. Looks like you could rear end the fellow in front of you and still not come close to smooshing your legs.

The yearbook included this cool image of the students inside a cave. Creepy!

Then there’s this too close for comfort wrestling team. 

En garde! Theater students have all the right moves. 

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How To Wear An Aztec Sun Properly

1953 Comet
1953 Comet

Even from this side view, you can imagine what a target the sun makes on his back. It says, “Check out Mr. Snazzy.” No bully would dare shove him in a locker.

Today’s designers could never compete with Wally’s smooth graphic Spirograph shirt of yore. So they resort to comedy.


Look! It’s a cat inside an Aztec sun, shooting lasers out of its eyes, which makes it Caturday. What? Maybe you have to be stoned to get it.

Or they abandon the Aztec sun to reflect something vaguely spiritual and Native American, like this sun/moon/horn/dreamcatcher tee on a trendily-tatted twentysomething. Now we know where she stores her rubberbands.


Wait, those are bracelets.

Now these boxers are pretty cute. I have to hand it to them. Cartoon suns keep it light.


Just remember–boxers are temporary: tattoos are forever. Even the tattoo seems steamed about it.