Before There Was Daylight Saving Time…

Ventana52-006…young men set their pocket watches to pin-up time. Witness this lad trying to get the minute hand just right. Men who did not hang pin-ups in their rooms usually found themselves tardy to important appointments. Even on Saturdays.

KU-Fall40005Sadly, campus buses did not run their routes on weekends and fellows were forced to hitch.


Pin-up time has gone the way of the dinosaur, but a new time has risen in popularity.

And according to my watch, that’s pretty soon.

Modern Library

Ventana52-008before tablets

before Kindle

before Barnes & Noble and the now-defunct Borders

there were libraries

and corner bookstores

and meg ryan did not work in them but that was okay

there was no coffee, no chai, no biscotti

no wi-fi

but boys and girls could meet there and look at each other when they spoke

and touch globes and point to countries they would visit

one day

and grab a paperback and get lost in it so that they forgot all sense of time.

My Sweet Nearly Embraceable You

Comet54-004What’s up with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons here? That fourth season doesn’t quite know how to put his arm around a girl. That’s not even first base.

These are my guesses:

  • He’s taking extreme measures not to be perceived as “getting fresh.”
  • Margie recently had lap band surgery and lost half her weight, and old habits die hard, on his part.
  • Margie contracted Hep C by sharing a needle with Tommy Lee, and might be contagious.
  • There is an invisible parrot named Rio on her shoulder.
  • He was the very first tree-hugger, and his arms froze that way.

Do you have the answer? Can you tell me why the leaping Wolfman has one black hand?



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