17 thoughts on “Not South Dakota”

  1. oh my goodness, where can I get that outfit? Though I’d pick different shoes. The sign is almost taller than she is. Do you think she likes her job? Do you suppose she’s originally from South Dakota?


    1. Who knows? She has a sunny demeanor! That’s probably her stage name: Sunny DeMinor. I didn’t know loafers could make gams look that good! But it’s more sensible than stilettos. She’s getting paid to get a tan; nice work if you can get it.

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  2. OK, Liz, I’ll bite. Sign me up for the photo of you in that outfit, any shoes you choose. 🙂 And, Kerbey, how many crass guys do you think asked poster girl above if the address to her house was included with the map?

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  3. I’ve been to South Dalota and I’m not sure there are 300 people there – I was passing through at night and I did not see 300 South Dakotans. Hello? Hello? Anyone here? ha!


      1. Soooo big are their yards that they sing “Give me a home, wher the antelope roam, and the deer are happy all day.” And their yards are full of antelope and deer.(I may have gotten that sog not quite right) so they don’t have to mow.

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      2. That’s right! Buffalo are back – I forgot. Shows my age that buffalo weren’t there when i learned this song. ha! i gotta tell you this one Kerbey – it was one of those flashes of images that makes you laugh after the fact but goes by too fast to capture. I used to truck in central Ontario and there is a lot of farmland and grazing land. On a highway between Sudbiry and Toronto there is a large farm at one point (just north of Barrie) and the highway bends around the fields. there is a big billboard in the center of one of the grazing fields and the farmer (quite a large one) used it to advertize various products he had for sale (retail and wholesale). One day i went by and the field was full of grazing buffalo all arranged around the billboard that said “Cows For Sale” The first thing that popped to my mind was “Ha! You can’t fool me, them ain’t cows!”


      3. LOL. I guess you didn’t have a camera phone then, huh? I’d like to see a picture of that! I bet buffalo cost more than cows these days.


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