I am a conservative married lady who would love getting caught in the rain if we ever had any around here.  I eat a Tex-Mex combo plate every weekend, and I am very pleased with the floorplan of my home, as the high ceilings allow for creativity and breathing room.  I like the way bubbles of Coke feel when they tiptoe on my nose as I take a sip.

From a prior post, here are: 11 Random Facts About Kerbey:

  1. I like the smell of Gap’s Grass body spray.  It smells like freshly-cut grass. I DO NOT like the smell of White Diamonds.
  2. I sing in my church’s band, and I am an awesome clapper.
  3. Kerbey was actually the name of my blue heeler, who has since passed.  R.I.P., Kerbey.
  4. I enjoy it when music is playing in department stores because it makes me happy while I shop, so I cannot tolerate the cemetery ambience of Target any more.
  5. A week in my life has not passed in which I have not consumed chips and salsa.
  6. I am not all about that bass, especially in a car parked anywhere near my home.
  7. My head is full of 80s song lyrics.
  8. If you are my waitperson, I will give you a hefty tip if you can simply KEEP MY ICED TEA GLASS FULL.
  9. I want to visit one of the Carolinas to eat authentic shrimp and grits. Well, I finally crossed that off my list in June 2014! I ate it at Duffy Street Cafe in Myrtle Beach, but it took an hour to arrive, so I had to to-go most of it.
  10. I always bring wine to the party.
  11. While I very much appreciate being nominated for award posts, they have proven time-consuming and exhausting, so I politely decline in the nicest way possible. 🙂

And lastly, a super huge amount of these photos come from the vault of yearbooks I’ve collected over the decades. If you need more details, let me know. However, all sanceau photos been taken by me and are © Sanceau. They cannot be reused, adapted or republished without permission. I know you wouldn’t do that anyway. 🙂

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  1. Ross Dress For Less ROCKS! I was so in love with that shop when I discovered it whilst on holidays in Santa Barbara, CA.


  2. Your blog makes me laugh. The way that you take already funny photos and make them even funnier with your sassy commentary is priceless. So glad I discovered it!


  3. I haven’t stepped foot into a Ross since my mom drug me in by the ear, but I remember it being a veritable potpourri of — everything that can be worn. Wish I’d discovered you sooner. This is good stuff!


    1. I concede that some Rosses are trashy and may or may not be missing buttons on shirts, but they have delightful David’s Cookies and chile lime plantain chips. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Hi
    I have a nominated you for a few awards please free to pick and choose which ones you want.
    I think you deserve them all should you choose to accept them.

    Check out my page in “awards”


  5. Hey there Kerbey,

    Texas is my 2nd favorite state.

    I have been enjoying your blog as I sit here in Carolina on the sunshine day eating my Carolina Shrimp and Grits.

    Thanks as well for checking out my blog.



    1. You’re welcome and thanks as well. I want to get to the Carolinas one day. We can’t afford to fly and it’s so long to drive, but each time I read my “Southern Living,” there are so many things that look appealing there. It seems like every picture I enjoy is in Charleston. We just left a church talk on fitness, so I am drooling over the thought of shrimp and grits! Enjoy your sunshine!


  6. Thanks for visiting my site! I’m with you on the “list of life,” especially items # 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10! My head is filled with classic rock tunes from the 70’s-80’s…(I’m a bit older than you I guess!)

    Have a super day!

    Al Pine


  7. Numbers 7 and 10 are why the universe led me to you (what? I’m here because you commented on Dave’s Blog of Funny Name’s Tom Selleck comment? that’s almost like a message from the universe, don’t you think?) and I’m so glad it did.


    1. The universe is crafty. We will have to drink wine and sing 80s songs in the virtual world together. Now I’ll have to read more from you to see if you are more like Liz Taylor or Liz Lemon. Not Hurley.


      1. and? Hoping you see more of Lemon, though I’m neither as funny nor as glam as Tina Fey. Really can’t think of a celebrity who fits me. Who would play you in a movie?


      2. Hmmm. 20 yrs ago (due to my curly hair) people said I looked like Darlene on “Roseanne,” so that still scars me. I’m 42 but feel 92 so probably Chloris Leachman. Then again, a young starlet would have to play me in a movie. Maybe Gabouery Sidibe could portray me as a proud black woman and take it another direction.


      3. That is so nice of you to say 🙂 I even have one of her cookbooks, though am too old to be her (I’m how old you are +1 😉 ) and she tries to sneak veggies into her kids diets and I just try to convince mine that veggies are good and they should be eating them. Different philosophies all around.


      4. That’s a better philosophy bc they need to learn to appreciate veggies for all their good nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, and not be fooled.


      1. That has been a deep mystery in my life, Kerbey. I think it’s because the out-loud cheer is a one-two-three let’s go Mets. No pause between the go and the Mets. I hope that lessens the batty in your brain about this one.


  8. Kerbey,

    How is it??

    Hmmmmm…Hoe does one describe the taste of shrimp and grits?
    Why is the sky blue?? What is Valhalla like??

    Not sure it can be defined….But, I do know the very best place for them in Myrtle.



  9. I am definitely not conservative but I do like your posts and opinions. We have a similar outlook, like our memories and try to be positive. I have been following you but am not always reading you. It is weird, they don’t show up in my reader! I am never sure if I have pushed things all the way I should have. So glad you stick it out and let me know by liking my posts! Thank you! You are a funny writer! Smiles, Robin


  10. SKIPPY! SKIPPY! Excuse me Kerbey, have you seen Skippy? I was over at chez Ned and he said that Skippy had come over here to visit you. Has he arrived yet? That darned little rabid squirrel is hard to catch (as a Canadian, I think she is a beaver but Ned says Skippy is too sensitive to ask her).

    Ha! Ned speaks highly of you Kerby so I figured I’d drop by and say Hello.I’m just a commenter – no blog of my own yet – so I’m low maintenance. Verbosity can be an issue with me, so don’t hesitate to tell me to tone it down if I have too much to say. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. If you see comments pop up from posts earlier this year, no need to curse WordPress, it’s just me patently perusing past posts of particular perspicacity. Ha!

    Great to meet you!


    1. Skippy is very elusive; I know not of its whereabouts. You have quite a flair for alliteration. Especially with P as in Paul. Nice to meet you as well.


  11. Thanks for meeting My Gang at Family Life Is More, Kerbey! What a clever blog you have here! I’m with you on the 80’s, chips, salsa, wine – or cerveza :D. Reading your post with the February Calendar makes me want to string up pink and white streamers 😉


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