Who’s Ready To Get Out Of Quarantine?

Western Hills High School 1978

Today we spotlight the students of WHHS in 1978. “Let us out! Let us out!” they shout to the hills.

Maybe you’re feeling like this girl right now. You can’t even.

Maybe you’re delirious with cabin fever, or you’re wearing the same shirt three days in a row, the one in desperate need of spot treatment with stain remover. Seriously, you need to Shout that out, girl.

No doubt about it, emotions are running high these days.

There might even be some name-calling going on.

But you can still make an effort to communicate with your spouse, maybe over a couple of Dr. Peppers.

Ladies, there’s no excuse not to don your “Foxy Lady” belt to entice him during quarantine.

Especially if he’s a super hunk.

And if he’s not feeling randy, you can always spend time with a good book.

Just remember: we’re in this together, and before long, we’ll all be hanging out again.

But for now, we’ll have to make do with drive-by waving.

Easter Crucifix Hairdos Offer Form Over Function

Nat Geo 1931 by Wilson and MacKinnon

I know what you’re thinking.


In fairness, these Aborigines were all gussied up for the corroborree (lively social gathering), where they had plans to perform a “wild duck dance” wearing said grass and feather head ornaments.

They don’t look too thrilled about the pending festivities. Personally, I wouldn’t chance the neck pain or misalignment of the spine that such weight could cause. And that’s why I don’t get invited to corroborrees.

What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

Nov 1940

Ooh, la la, ladies! Somebody just upped the charm bracelet game! Look how beautifully it lays (or is it lies?) against the skin. What’s not a lie is how it will subliminally encourage you to eat protein each time it scrapes against the keyboard as you type.

It compliments any outfit you have in shades of peanut shell or Baptist red brick. It’s nutty, all right.


During this time of Easter and resurrection, it’s important to remember that Mr. Peanut did NOT in fact die for good, but was (as the Super Bowl commercial revealed) reborn by the tears of the Kool-Aid Man (oh, yeah!) in a much less spiritual or legitimate manner.

A Visit To The Victorian

As my husband testified on stage in church last Sunday, we are cheap, cheap, cheap. I haven’t purchased a book at retail price in over a decade, maybe two. Everything I read is from Half-Price Books, and only the clearance section, from $1 to $3. That is how I came upon this:

This blue book from 1954 has been sitting on my shelf for a few years now, waiting for the perfect moment that never comes. I don’t know why I thought this topic would have interested me in the least; I’m certainly not ever going to READ it. Perhaps I thought it would have cool pictures.

It did.

Like this pseudo-Scarlet getting into crinolines in 1865.

London Stereoscopic Co.

I’ve always felt I was born too late, but this picture makes me glad I was born post-antebellum. You couldn’t even hold hands with an orangutan, much less a suitor, in that dress.

The author contends that the Victorian age ended in 1914, but all of these images were taken much earlier than that. Below is the building of “The Great Eastern,” which seems as though it’s lacking a noun, launched on 1/31/1858.

Very Victorian, no? Jackets and ties and Abe Lincoln hats, although this is a proper British book.

With proper tea-time being had.


And proper use of the sewing machine. The dress seems a bit much for such labor.

Lo and behold, lodged between the pages, I stumbled upon a receipt from 1955, a year after it was published. I found it ironic that Professor Wolff ponied up $3.64, whilst I, 65 years later, ponied up only $3.24.

Am I being cheeky, like this 1890 can-can Parisian dancer?

Perhaps I should motor on.

J.A. Koosen and H.J. Lawson in a Lutzmann, 1895

This last image is from 1860, entitled “Romance on a Stile.” FYI, a stile is an arrangement of steps that allows people to climb over a fence or wall. I don’t see that being done here. I can almost hear her saying, “No, no, Nanette,” or “No, no, Nigel,” as it were. The only British stile I’m aware of is singer Harry Styles, but that’s a horse of a different color.

And in Victorian times, there was no color. At least not in the photos.

Seriously Sadie

Perusing the pages of ancient yearbooks, I have seen many a Sadie Hawkins dance. But this 1946 event from North Texas State University takes the cake! What an eye for detail these kids had.

L’il Abner was everywhere.

They really got into character.

It’s a good time when everyone participates!

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