That Relative Who Always Has To Be Extra

British Studio Doric 1938 from “PhotoHistorica”


I Am The Captain Now (Cone Dog Establishes Herself As Alpha)

Cone Dog finished up her last antibiotic with peanut butter, and her incision is healing nicely. We even gave her the bath of all baths last night–although technically it was a shower. All the layers of multiple animal shelter germs went down the drain, and all her cloth items were freshly laundered, so she can be the Queen of Sheba like crazy dog ladies let their dogs become. It shall not be so! The human is the master. Never defy the Dog Whisperer.

Anyway, we figured it was time to let her cavort with Tonto, eight years her senior, since they will be cellmates friends till death do them part. She quickly established herself as younger, faster, and more energetic.

Who was this demon invading his territory? Why did she want to play? He just wants to lie around in his comfortable obesity and unquenchable need for attention and submissively pee himself, as he has always done. But Cone Dog is the captain now. Cone Dog controls her bladder, and Cone Dog controls Tonto. Tonto’s face says it all. Why couldn’t you have let me be an only dog??

Because, Tonto, God said it was not good for man to be alone. So now your neutered self and her spayed self can have have many years of merriment together. You’re welcome.

When Overpriced Shoes Only Remind You Of Delicious Tex-Mex

Glamour Nov 2015

The advertisers may try to bring your eye to their “geometric touches,” but those zigzag white sandal straps put me in mind of the sour cream flourishes on a Chuy’s Tex-Mex platter. 

All this can be yours for just over $10. The shoes? Just over a grand. Which would you prefer? 

Beautiful, Beautiful Nicotina

Natl Geo 11/48

Crafty Bill Hardesty knows that roses won’t cut it when you’re bestowing a gift upon Elizabeth Greer, aka “Nicotina, Queen of the Tobacco Festival” in Maryland. I seriously did not make that up. Instead, he comes bearing “five hands” of choice, air-cured Maryland tobacco, the secret to long life and prosperity.

Gas Shortages To Blame As Well-Dressed Bus Tourists Take To The Roof

8/49 Natl Geo

In tandem with today’s other Andorra post, I share with you an Andorran coach, which visited three countries in 30 miles. Thirty miles, that’s precious. That’s like half a commute to work. Anyway, these folks were celebrating Patron Saint’s Day by driving up nauseatingly curvy dirt roads and then getting out and cavorting about in the heat. Fun!