The Sting of Segregation

Poor Tonto, stuck outside on a rainy day, while Buddy enjoys the warm house. Buddy was our Thanksgiving visitor, and the only dog with hypoallergenic fur, which meant he got to stay inside among the humans, especially the one with allergies.

Don’t feel sad for Tonto; Roxie kept him company. The patio was dry, and they were able to return to their plush dog beds by evening, when Buddy returned home. And if you think about it, Tonto doesn’t even have eyeballs, so he probably didn’t know Buddy was standing there.


4 thoughts on “The Sting of Segregation”

  1. And so I also end my morning of catching up with Kerbey with a Tonto-oriented post, too. How appropriate. Bye-bye, sweet Tonto, I am so glad I have followed your journey with Kerbey, husband and son here over the past decade. Love to you as I picture you with tail wagging with my dear past doggies on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

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