Satin Dolls

These lovely ladies were the “little sisters” of the University of Texas chapter of Kappa Alpha Psis, which had only officially become a chapter in December of 1977, a year prior to this.


Halloween 1948

Cactus 1949
Doing the Charleston, dressed as flappers of yore

And this guy came dressed as Mickey Rourke…

Happy Birthday To Chuck Berry

1979 Cactus

Yeah, no.

“Yeah, no” is one of comedian Gary Gulman’s least favorite phrases, but it does fit here.¬†While it is in fact Chuck Berry’s birthday, this is not a birthday cake as it appears at first glance. It’s actually Alpha Phi Alpha frat brothers Calvin, Glenn, and Jimmy examining blood samples collected by this bespectacled lady, performing Sickle Cell Anemia screenings.

Not quite the occasion to celebrate, unless your test results were negative.

And as for Chuck Berry, besotted by sex offender crimes and other legal troubles, the man DID have strong quadriceps.