How They Voted In 1960

Your Town & Mine by Eleanor Thomas

I Just Want To Bang On The Drum All Day

Check out these squirts, circa WWII, conducting a “lively aluminum salvage campaign” out of pots from their neighbors on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A grumpy bearded gramps doesn’t seem nearly as thrilled about the pursuit as the youth, but I think that’s just the face old folks make.

Bear Each Other’s Burdens, Part II

August 1947, National Geographic
August 1947, National Geographic

A member of the Finnish Red Cross hands Helsinki housewife Sirkka Michelsson a package, including a sweater knit by the Nashville American Red Cross chapter, pajamas for her children from Connecticut, a dress, and more. Michelsson, weeping tears of gratitude, was one of thousands of people helped by American generosity in the post-WWII years.

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