Nursing Shortage Leads To Demand For First-Year Students

Mary Arneson knew how to take her Toni doll’s vital signs way back in 1951. After wearing out a nursing kit she received at Christmas, Mary went on to pursue a career as an occupational therapist, helping those facing medical challenges of a different sort.

Partial Eclipse Of The Heart

For the last week, all my family has thought about is hearts. My husband lost 20 lbs this year by controlling his diet, and we took to taking daily walks during quarantine to continue the trend, boost our lung health, and stave off any ‘rona respiratory issues. By minute 10, he often felt a chestContinue reading “Partial Eclipse Of The Heart”

Countdown To May Day

Perhaps your state will start re-opening as per its Phase I guidelines on May 1st. Perhaps it’s May 8th. All I know is it WILL be May, and folks will be getting prepped and ready to shine. Betty can breathe on Martha, and Martha can cough on Mary. Carl won’t have to wipe down thatContinue reading “Countdown To May Day”

Boxes And Boxes Of Babies

Today we continue in our appreciation for the medical field, who has been streeeeetched to their limits during these past several weeks, and will probably all be suffering from PTSD for the rest of their lives. But back in July of 1970, high-haired Connie Wharton and Jean Davis were keeping it casual and lowkey whileContinue reading “Boxes And Boxes Of Babies”

Why I Don’t Have Polio

Henry L. Hohl Elementary, April 1955: The first Houston-area students await the newly available Salk vaccine. Needles aren’t fun, but they’re even less fun while wearing formalwear, like this group below.   Just like little Casey Carl Vaughn above, I, too, received an injection of the vaccine as a youngster. I imagine that’s also whyContinue reading “Why I Don’t Have Polio”

A Vision For A New Incision

Every year in the United States, over 300,000┬ápeople with appendicitis have their appendix surgically removed. While over 11 million cases are reported annually, deaths lie somewhere around 50,000. Still seems like a huge number and a bad way to go, right? The percentage of deaths was much higher before this fabulously-stached bald man in theContinue reading “A Vision For A New Incision”