Space Force Adverts of 1962

Comstaff 62

She Blinded Me With Science

Kathleen Doering, Assoc Professor of Entomology
Kathleen Doering, Assoc Professor of Entomology 1942

Fun entomology-related fact of the day: The term cuckoo bee is used for a variety of different bee lineages which have evolved the kleptoparasitic (no, not like Winona Ryder) behavior of laying their eggs in the nests of other bees, reminiscent of cuckoo birds. Female cuckoo bees can be easily recognized, as they lack pollen-collecting structures and do not construct their own nests (you mean the males do chores?). They often have reduced body hair, an abnormally thick or heavily-sculptured exoskeleton, and saber-like mandibles (wikipedia).

Try using that in a sentence today: saber-like mandibles.

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