Next On My To-Do List For Never

I may have conquered using apps on a smart phone or removing jams from testy copy machines, but the technology of yore frightens me. I don’t get it now, and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten in back in 1955, at the University of Colorado.

“the university’s prized electronic brain”

Nope. Too many wires.

Next up: isotopes. Haven’t talked about proton/neutron stuff since high school, and I’m not gonna start now.

the isotopes lab for atomic research equipment

She is clearly steering a cardboard ship, but I know not what the men do.

engineering the thing

Too many black holes and knobs in the cube. It doesn’t even fit in my pocket.

“the latest electronic equipment available to AIEE-IRE members”

Get a load of this jet engine compressor! I’d rather feed a porcupine.

And this last one takes the cake, with “nurse aids performing the pleasant task of hairbrushing for a paralytic.” Pleasant? That looks like a nightmare. 

Rapture, take me now.

Cripple Creek Pre-Hipster Barbershop ‘Staches

Life 08-22-55
Life 08-22-55

What is going on here? Guests of the melodrama Flying Scud were given cardboard mustaches upon admission to the basement theater of Cripple Creek, Colorado’s Imperial Hotel. Once disguised, they were encouraged to jeer at the villain as he tried to sully the honor of an innocent maiden. In that 1955 season, more than 20,000 people donned faux ‘staches in those seats.

The theater closed in the early 1990s when the Imperial was converted to a casino. The theater, however was left intact in the basement of the hotel, and in 2009, life was restored to the Imperial, including the Gold Bar Theater. Perhaps you could find yourselves seated at one of those checkered tablecloths, too!

Surfeit Of Style

The University of Colorado was a veritable hotbed of fashion in 1955, teeming with a plethora of clothing and accessories. (I did it! I used three vocabulary words in a context sentence.)

Here you see Olde Dick in a foxy graphic print, guaranteed to lure the ladies.


Next, Cat’s-eye Cathy sports the popular seashell skirt, purchased when she summered in Nantucket.

UnivOfColorado55-026Nobody rocks a turban like this guy.

UnivOfColorado55-005Or a parasol like these fellows.


And what woman wouldn’t like this lovely pixie cut to bring out her cheekbones and dark, manly caterpillar eyebrows? My advice? First, grow the hair out. Then buy the flatiron.


Punished pledges donned straw hats.


Stepping outside of the box (and back into it, and then back out) were members of Calico and Boots, in barn-dancing regalia.

UnivOfColorado55-027And lastly, not to be outdone, we have the traditional tropical garb worn by Hui O’Hawaii, whatever that means.