Signs Of Autumn In Austin


Rice University Flooded

Jeremiah Chikota @JmiahChikota

Houston’s prestigious Rice University has been hit hard by Harvey. Though the school will officially remain closed through Wednesday, one wonders how students will even be able to attend class at all.

Though nothing of this proportion has ever been witnessed in Houston, my issue of the 1975 Rice yearbook shows students out and about in lesser downpours. Houston, in my own experience, can flood at the drop of a dime.

I bet none of these students could ever have imagined what happened this past weekend at their alma mater. Please pray for Houston.



New Monsoon Filter Adds Depth To Images

Natl Geo 7/67

Natl Geo 7/67

Yes, we have wet bananas. A pensive barefoot child in Betong, Thailand uses a toothpick to get that last piece of red curry chicken out of his tooth, waiting out the rains during monsoon season. No big deal. It’s all old hat at this point.


Hill Country Tonto

Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow and determined six more weeks of winter, but Hill Country Tonto has decided winter skipped central Texas altogether. No ice days like we usually have near MLK Jr Day, no snow days, no scraping ice off the windshield. We never wore our thick jackets nor our mittens. Only one day did I don a knit beanie, and that was barely warranted. So I guess it’s early spring and 89 degrees, and I’m applying sunscreen but still getting a swimsuit tan.