Spring, Interrupted

The weather keeps getting stranger and stranger. Last month, I saw more snow than had ever fallen in Austin in my life. This week will be the lowest temps we’ve ever weathered, dipping into single digits. We received a text from the county at lunch, urging folks not to travel for the next several days. The grocery stores are bare of meat, eggs, and milk.

Only days ago, spring had begun its first bloom, and now this.

Our oak tree, which had just begun to bud and stretched over 20 feet into the air, is now bowed down to the grass, branches breaking off every few hours.

Every home in our city has broken branches in its yard.

And our holly bush appears frozen in time, if not weeping from the sudden frost. Strange days indeed.

10 thoughts on “Spring, Interrupted”

  1. Like most old retired people we watch Al Roker give his weather forecast each morning and recently I’ve been snorting when he talked about Texas, specifically the Austin area. I was going to ask about the deep freeze in Austin but decided it would sound like gloating. Temps have been in the high 60s and low 70s here. Gloat. Gloat.

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  2. Freezes on top of leaves and buds are truly dangerous for nature and the humans underneath, Kerbey. Please be careful. I hope the shelves get stocked safely soon, too. Thank you for sharing these photographs that mark the beautiful though alarming moments in your yard.

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