9 thoughts on “22 Degrees And Falling”

    1. Well, it looks like it’s going to be several days of not being able to leave our homes due to everything being icy. So we’ll see what happens to the poor trees by then. They are saying Friday is the next time we might be able to drive. Might have to drip some faucets tonight.

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      1. We have had some horrendous winter weather here in PA too but we are, of course, more set up for hard winters. I hope you stay safe, cozy and comfortable and make the most of your enforced hibernation.

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      2. Thanks! Many of our friends and family has been without power for several hours now and without water. We will be one degree tonight. They said the soonest we can leave our homes is next weekend. Stay warm as well!

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      3. Oh gosh. That is a long time to be dealing with that. The longest we have been without power in winter was three days. It was awful. I wish you could at least go to a warming centre but I assume the roads are too bad even if the pandemic was not a factor.

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      4. Yes, no one can travel. It’s going to start raining ice this evening and possibly snow again tomorrow so no travel until this weekend. We have been very blessed to have power in our home. A friend of mine is now on hour 33 without power and heat. Austin power cannot keep up with the demand. Fortunately, we live in the suburbs because the mayor of Austin has no idea what he’s doing. Historic times indeed.

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