Six Days Difference

This beautiful rye grass was our back yard six days ago. The oak tree was budding, and Roxie was free to spend hours in the sun. If you zoom in, you can see why she was agitated. A possum was hanging upside-down on the trellis. Can you see it?

Today, however, is a different story. Thursday’s ice storm bent the branches of that oak, and it will likely never recover. The cottonwood still stands tall, under a few feet of snow, the most we’ve ever had. My phone said 5 degrees when I awoke. Tonight we will reach a record-breaking one. We’ve dripped the faucets, but many of our friends and family have been without water for days and heat for hours. We are not allowed to travel until next weekend, due to layers of ice. Everything is closed all week. I will have to get creative with the one onion we have. Lentil soup? Tacos? We are down to one cup of milk. But we’ll be all right as long as we have heat and water and each other.

13 thoughts on “Six Days Difference”

  1. It seems like only yesterday when you were complaining about the heat and lack of precipitation! My how things have changed. This is not what I envisioned Austin weather to look like. Takes “hunkering down” to a new level, although let’s face it, we all have had a lot of practice in staying home. Main thing is to stay safe. Roxie emailed Max and said she is getting nervous about the way you’ve been looking at her lately.

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    1. Well, she has been looking like she might pair well with a burgundy. Desperate times… you let Max know that our 12 year old blind dog is in more danger than Roxie. For now. I’m ready to complain about the heat again!

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      1. Fava beans and a nice chianti? Were in your place (well, that would be trespassing but I digress) the only way I could get through that storm is by staying mildly inebriated and pretending I am in Aspen or at some fantastically expensive ski resort but the snow is blocking my view of the mountains. A hot tub would be nice after some fine canine cuisine.

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    1. Yes, for the few of us who still have power. Three million Texans have no power or heat and many without water. The snow is powdery, so we can’t form it into balls or bricks to make an igloo. And then if I were foolish enough to take a selfie and call myself an Eskimo, all of my accounts would be deleted because that’s racist. Insult to injury after dying of frostbite. But by God, this phone still works!

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