Tuppence A Bag

source: “A Living Lens”

On an upstate New York farm where she settled after fleeing the Commies in 1929, Countess Alexandra Tolstaya (youngest daughter of author Leo Tolstoy) proves that even countesses have to feed the chickens.

Tolstaya died at age 95.

Hill Country Tonto

Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow and determined six more weeks of winter, but Hill Country Tonto has decided winter skipped central Texas altogether. No ice days like we usually have near MLK Jr Day, no snow days, no scraping ice off the windshield. We never wore our thick jackets nor our mittens. Only one day did I don a knit beanie, and that was barely warranted. So I guess it’s early spring and 89 degrees, and I’m applying sunscreen but still getting a swimsuit tan.

Cuba Scuba Dive, Part II


I couldn’t begin to tell you what this is. Something down deep in the sea with little feelers. This next one I was told was a brain coral with a bristle worm on it.


What a Creator we have indeed! Look at all the colors undersea.


And how about this for a profile?


Cuba Scuba Dive, Part I


My aunt and her scuba-dive-loving husband visited Cuba late last year and were able to schedule a series of dives. Among them–swimming with the sharks. Clearly they are both more fearless than I. But the pictures my uncle captured with his camera were amazing.




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