Ah, Yes, Eyas

I saw this chart today, and found it interesting that a peregrine falcon can soar on wings at 242 mph. It made me wonder why more sports teams don’t call themselves peregrines instead of the generic falcons.

But then I learned something else. Nearly half a century on this earth and I had never known the name for a baby falcon.


Like the end of Tobias.

And baby chicks are eyasas. Did you know that?

Check out these eyases.

Now you armed with information as you go into 2022. Go forth and tell your co-workers.

Car-Baby Convertible

Holiday magazine, June 1952
Holiday magazine, June 1952

What could possibly go wrong in this topless trunk, balancing on the back seat?


This next one looks like little more than cardboard and a strap.


If baby just wants to chill, baby can recline with an extra pillow and a lap belt.


You’d think the idea of “just turn it around” would create all kinds of neck injuries upon impact. I’ve never seen a car like this, so I guess the idea never took off.


Nope. Here’s the headline from a July 2015 article: Volvo Takes Kids’ Safety To New Heights, Showcases Customised XC90 SUV Featuring Innovative Baby Seat.

http://en.yibada.com (an awful site due to its onslaught of ads)

What do you think? Does this look safe for baby? What if Jumpsuit Barbie flings all 105 lbs of her waxed body into him at a hard stop? Would that be a good idea? And won’t Barbie be silently resenting her position, relegated to the back seat, second priority in Ken’s life? That’s got to mess with her psyche. I don’t see it happening, Volvo.

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