Ah, Yes, Eyas

I saw this chart today, and found it interesting that a peregrine falcon can soar on wings at 242 mph. It made me wonder why more sports teams don’t call themselves peregrines instead of the generic falcons.

But then I learned something else. Nearly half a century on this earth and I had never known the name for a baby falcon.


Like the end of Tobias.

And baby chicks are eyasas. Did you know that?

Check out these eyases.

Now you armed with information as you go into 2022. Go forth and tell your co-workers.

7 thoughts on “Ah, Yes, Eyas”

    1. 💀 I just learned today that it’s not cool to use the rolling with laughter emoji, that you’re supposed to use a skull to mean “I’m dead.” So now we have learned two things today.


      1. I think we could also have learned that it is invalid to compare the speed of a falcon diving from the sky to a vehicle or jungle cat driving/running on land. If one were to throw the cars or cats out of an airplane at, say, 15,000 feet I’d bet they would compare nicely with the speed of the falcon. Except they’d soon be dead.

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