Back To School: Creative Studying Solutions

LIFE 3/7/49

Preston Tucker, owner of the Tucker Corp, tries to prove to investors that a car can be manufactured with engines in the rear.

This photo was published exactly four days after the company ceased operations of the Tucker 48. Only 51 cars were ever produced. Among other negative publicity, top newspaper columnist Drew Pearson reported that the car was a fraud because it could not go backward and it went “goose-geese” going down the road.

But what horsepower!


Hit The Trail, Tiny Snail

A boy must leave his dog at the kennel.

The boy is pensive.

The dog is pensive.

The kennel is ex-pensive.

In times like this, it’s good to have farewell phrases at hand.

Turns Out They Were Saying ‘Merica Back In ’58

This 1958 Ford ad isn’t cropped or split down the middle of a page. It actually says “Merica’s” instead of America. I’m assuming it was implied that the painter had painted it on the part of the billboard to which we aren’t privy. But as it stands, it’s pretty funny. And the rest of the ad itself was peppy and colorful.

DeSoto: Like The Spanish Explorer, It Just Keeps Conquistadoring

LIFE 08-15-49

In actuality, the DeSoto stopped conquistadoring in 1961, due in large part to the 1958 recession, from which sales failed to recover. That year, DeSoto sales were 60 percent lower than those of 1957. In addition, Ford introduced a new mid-price competitor with the Edsel, which seemed intimidating at the time–but we all know became a symbol for an utter commercial failure. But long live the memory of the DeSoto!