Forget Electric Cars

First it was tiny houses. Now it’s tiny cars. And I mean TINY.

This 1955 Eshelman may not seem like the perfect gift. Sure, it only has one cylinder and a horsepower of 3. Top speed is 25 mph. Brakes are a 2 wheel paddle. I don’t even know what that is.

But I know I don’t have to call shotgun. I don’t have to cart some scrub around because this ride only seats one. I don’t have to worry about driving too fast in the suburbs because I can’t gun it past the limit. No speeding tickets for me. And the color, why, it’s inspiring!


6 thoughts on “Forget Electric Cars”

  1. That’s crazy! Aside from how entirely impractical and uncomfortable it looks, that thing looks like it would crumple like a tissue as soon as it smacked into a curb let alone a tree or a truck. How on earth was it considered roadworthy and safe?

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  2. The neglected to show the Fred Flintstone holes in the floor so you can run for propelsion, Kerbey. No, seriously, it was a good idea then and a small car like that would most likely sell now, too, competing well with the Vespa.

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