Poop Puts Out Fire 100 Years Ago

It’s 1920 in Houston, Texas. These firefighters from Station No. 7 stand in front of their sweet steam truck with the big A wheels. Mike Lathrop is to the left, in suspenders, Magerson Smith (Magerson is a cool name, no?) is in overalls to the right, and a man known only as Poop is inContinue reading “Poop Puts Out Fire 100 Years Ago”

Baby, You Can Check My Tires

Is it me, or does that look like a frosty pint of ale, instead of motor oil? The attendants were so thoughtful, giving lollipops to youngsters! This was before kids were diabetic, when Mom wore pearls and heels to fill ‘er up. And Dad wasn’t left in the dark. Roy could talk shop and spillContinue reading “Baby, You Can Check My Tires”

Proper Way To Pump

Back in 1964, nobody cared what Mrs. Robert F. Young’s first name was. Ladies essentially lost both their first and last names and simply became Mrs. Spouse’s Name. That would suit me just fine, as my husband’s name is easy to say. Perhaps y’all should start calling me “Mrs. Jimmy” from now on. In anyContinue reading “Proper Way To Pump”

Oh, The Ennui Of Driving Through Sequoias

Over 100 years ago, when this image was taken in California, the absence of windshields demanded that the driver (right-sided in this case) wore a duster and goggles as he wound his way through grounds without paved streets. Ladies often wore something similar to this.   That’s quite a bit of work required before jumpingContinue reading “Oh, The Ennui Of Driving Through Sequoias”

Dude, Where’s My Car?

The beach at Nantasket, Massachusetts was brimming with Ford motorcars on The 4th of July 1925. After a dip in the ocean, how would you find your way back to your car? With such lack of variety in models, how would a 50-year-old man buy a “crisis car”? Could you steal another’s spare tire and afix it toContinue reading “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Made In USA vs. Made In France

Today we study another page of our favorite condescending Parisian magazine, Réalités. Just saying it makes me feel pretentious. Réalités. Zee reality of ziss Frenchman sans shirt makes me gag.  But nice Studebaker! I like how they advertise that the Dyna Panhard (incidentally, the name of an exotic dancer at Austin’s Yellow Rose, a strip club which serves free steak/shrimpContinue reading “Made In USA vs. Made In France”

Vulcanizers In The Motor Age, Part II

This 1919 Motor Age magazine is chock full of great images, so make sure you checked out Part I. Perfection Asbestos. Isn’t that redundant? But it’s not just ads; Detroit was concerned with safety. And they had plans for the car of the future. One article discussed autogenous welding in automotive repairs. And of course, there are theContinue reading “Vulcanizers In The Motor Age, Part II”

Vulcanizers In The Motor Age, Part I

I spent last night, flipping through a 1919 Motor Age, browning and brittling as it nears the century mark. I wish I could post all 150 pages, as interesting as they are, but of course, you would fall asleep by page 20. As I am no Kerbey the Riveter, I know nothing about machines or carsContinue reading “Vulcanizers In The Motor Age, Part I”

We’re Not Loading Up Our Woody Because Our Woody Is Ugly

The June 2013 Men’s Journal included this picture of “Enduring Icons,” cars which have basically retained their shape and/or style. That’s nice, but: Are these the only three examples that exist within the expanse of hideous styleless rectangles uglifying our neighbor’s driveways and our nation’s highways as we speak? The older models still look better. Fix itContinue reading “We’re Not Loading Up Our Woody Because Our Woody Is Ugly”

That’s A Stretch

This new ad for the CX-5 (that’s the best name they could come up with?) declares, “When Thomas Edison threw the switch, it changed everything. SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY makes the Mazda CX-5 more fuel-efficient than any hybrid SUV.” I believe this is called REACHING. Comparing Edison’s contributions to the world with Mazda’s ability to create anContinue reading “That’s A Stretch”