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Vulcanizers In The Motor Age, Part II

This 1919 Motor Age magazine is chock full of great images, so make sure you checked out Part I.Motor Age1919011 Perfection Asbestos. Isn’t that redundant? Motor Age1919012But it’s not just ads; Detroit was concerned with safety. Motor Age1919003 And they had plans for the car of the future. Motor Age1919004 One article discussed autogenous welding in automotive repairs. Motor Age1919013And of course, there are the cars themselves, including this bullet-shaped Fiat.

Motor Age1919014

Thanks for spending some time in the past, in a time before all of us were born.

10 thoughts on “Vulcanizers In The Motor Age, Part II”

  1. “They greatly out wear their guarantee.” That being the case, one wonders why the company didn’t offer a longer guarantee. Anyway, I want that Fiat. You drive that car, you look like a boss.


  2. Wow, Bowser really pulls out all the stops–day AND night? Plus they served motorists everywhere, not just in some places.

    While car ads aren’t my first choice of viewing pleasure, you’ve made it entertaining, Kerbey 🙂 Pleasure as always.


  3. They actually ran an ad that listed the amount of deaths by automobile accidents. I do not care that it went down so much from the previous year. Whew boy on that one. Last year 25,000 kids died after eating our lead paint chips. This we we cut that in half! I just can’t see it in other industries, Kerbey.


    1. Nope, I guess not. Today we just have commercials about lawsuits for anyone who took last year’s new drug and now has 14 fingers and no hair.


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