Sarah, Ethel, & Eula

Sarah Witherspoon, Ethel Barker, and Eula Lucas
Ethel, and unnamed boy, and Eula

I love Eula’s mischievous smile.


Literal Overhead Bin

Turn-of-the-century immigrants at Ellis Island: The 20th Century

She seems so nonchalant about all that pressure on her noggin. For me, it wouldn’t just be the pain, but the balancing issue.

This clever but crazy man constantly shifts his balance to support four carry-on bags.

Again, it looks awful painful. Yet, women all over the world spare their biceps and let their heads do all the hard lifting.

Clothes, water, toiletries–these things make sense to transport on your head, if you’re able. But what I don’t get is this one:

Fat chance getting that goat to stay still.

Enjoying Outdoor Weather Together

Thanksgiving 1954
Aug 14, 1937 San Antonio, Texas

This poor boy got the sunken eyes of his mama, and both ladies’ shoes makes their feet look like hooves.

The lady at the tippy top gives me the heebeejeebs. Those bangs… But what a festive smattering of smocks!

This one here looks about a century old, whatwith the bunned hair and flouncy floor-length gowns. Check out this happy lass and her parasol.

I Can’t Wait To Die So I Can Haunt This House

Victorian era peeps rarely looked happy to be alive. Maybe it was the ten minutes each morning spent lacing up boots or corsets or angling their hats just so. Maybe it was the frustration of pier and beam homes on those windy cold winter’s nights, wishing they had concrete foundations. The only information written on the picture was that Agnes is the girl on the left, and Lois is the girl on the right. Lois is the only one who seems to be enjoying the day, possibly because swings. No swings = stern.

She Loves Me Like A Rock

How’s this for the mother and child reunion? What joy radiates from both of their faces. You can see why I couldn’t pass this snapshot up.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share a few pics of mothers and their children. She looks tickled to death that her son was granted a furlough to visit her.

This next mom lacks the enthusiasm of the others, but perhaps the corset has got her muscles too tightened to smile.

And lastly, we have a much more recent pic that looks to be from the 60s. If you ask me, it looks like Shirley Temple Black and a Kewpie doll.

Am I right or Amarillo?