Olden Days

These are all snapshots that I collected at various antique stores over the years.

July 1924


Wilton Wood

Critter Curls


Dames from 1946
Dames from 1946

I’m not saying they did hide varmints in their hair; I’m just saying they could.


Before Olan Mills and Glamour Shots, amateur photographers had to direct their subjects with options and tips like:

  • Crane your head to the right, as if you hear screeching from over there, over there.
  • Keep your lips together, indicating you are slightly miffed or you smell B.O.
  • If you part your hair down the middle, you must stare directly at the camera.
  • Pearls. Always pearls.
  • Rebels may cock your chins to the left, akin to yoga’s “warrior pose,” which lets your enemies know that you have vanquished them. Wearing the bow signifies future enemies will perish, so don’t even bring it. I’m talking to you, June.


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