Critter Curls


Dames from 1946
Dames from 1946

I’m not saying they did hide varmints in their hair; I’m just saying they could.


Before Olan Mills and Glamour Shots, amateur photographers had to direct their subjects with options and tips like:

  • Crane your head to the right, as if you hear screeching from over there, over there.
  • Keep your lips together, indicating you are slightly miffed or you smell B.O.
  • If you part your hair down the middle, you must stare directly at the camera.
  • Pearls. Always pearls.
  • Rebels may cock your chins to the left, akin to yoga’s “warrior pose,” which lets your enemies know that you have vanquished them. Wearing the bow signifies future enemies will perish, so don’t even bring it. I’m talking to you, June.


20 thoughts on “Critter Curls”

  1. Yes June is always testing limits, isn’t she? Although the pictures alone are enough to make me laugh, it’s the commentary that makes me laugh out loud like a crazy person. Perhaps one more tip from the maniacal photographer, “If you’re feeling comfortable, you’re not doing it right.”


      1. Maybe this is how the chiropractic profession got off the ground? Looking at these pictures makes me understand the intent behind the act of burning one’s bra. That rebel June again!


  2. The top row, second batch, all the heads in the exact same tilt … that was one damn good photographer. And yearbook layout editor. All in all, I don’t think any of them were sitting on anything that resembled comfortable for the photo session.


    1. I could sing this karaoke without the lyrics bc I am awesome that way. Bang bang. I always remember Patty Smyth is pretty; Patti Smith is unkempt.


  3. great tips, Kerbey. You know your stuff. That is some big hair and it wasn’t always a good look. And those bow-ties are the stuff nightmares are made of. Freaky how the first row of your second set give you the EXACT same pose. Eeek.


    1. I would definitely spill chips and salsa over those bow-ties. I bet after a spin in the dryer, they’d be all janked up, too. And then how could you pose for a portrait??


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