11 thoughts on “In The Swim”

      1. I Goggled the ’13 flood and 4 died. The folks in the pic may not have even been aware of fatalities. If floods were uncommon in that area it would be like an adventure, especially to the young. A swimmin’ hole on main street. Around here floods and tornadoes are too common in spring. People just take it in stride. Of course you will see the occasional shot of some guy tubing down the street with a 6 pack.


      2. Well, you taught me something. What we wouldn’t give for a flood down here. The lakes have been crazy low for a decade, which is why the base rate for our water bill is $100. If you take a bath, it’s $200. Tubing with a six pack sounds pretty good.


  1. Cameras must have held a powerful attraction back then. Kind of like obvious TV video shooting now. People see the red light and stop their wedding vows, for God’s sake.


  2. am such a mom as my first thought is, “that water must be so dirty!” Though that’s the least of their worries, I suppose. Looks like a cool main street.


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