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On What Would Have Been Her 97th Birthday


Happy Birthday, Jane Russell!

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Just In Case You Forgot Who The King Of Twills Was

It’s Stevens Twist Twill, lest ye forget. The red lion. And just in case you’re not familiar with twill, it’s a fabric with ridges. It’s the Ruffles of the material world.


You know how people these days looooove to say how important it is to “start a dialog” about things? How necessary it is for them to “start the conversation”? It makes me want to wretch, that kind of speech. So let’s just have a chit-chat about these manufacturer names, shall we? First off: Jack Tar Togs, that’s brilliant. It sounds like the mascot for a little league team. Go, Jack Tar Togs!

Hit Em Hard seems aggressive, but the list includes many manly names like Big Dad and 5 Brother (forget 5 Sister) and Stur-Dee. Sounds super reliable, right? But then others are more vexing. Pool’s is “swetpruf”? What is that about? That’s not even phonetically-spelled.


It reminds me of Farmer Jack’s advertising ploy. But he does it on PURPOSE. Or purrpuss, shall I say?

And as for Tuf-Nut? Yikes. I’ll take your word for it.

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Hold Steady To Grandma, Lest She Fall Down

I saw this pic and immediately thought of the 1947 poem:

Hold steady to grandma, lest she fall down

Let grass stains stay clear of her three button gown

‘Twill not be flattering should she choose to go prone

Give up the ghost, and leave Grandpa alone

But what of Aunt Doris who clings to the wrist

Of my sweet Cousin Lois who dare not resist

For fear that the lips of Doris get flubbery 

As she sobs while Uncle Jim hides behind shrubbery

Has he donned trousers? Hast thou the knowledge? 

He only had two years at community college

He lettered in arm wrestling; his grip was quite strong

To his daughter Eleanor, the gene passed along

And now she stands confident, with nary a frown

Holding steady to grandma, lest she fall down.