Well, maybe not the FINEST


The reputation of Pabst Blue Ribbon in 2022 is more for nostalgia’s sake than for any prestige that it might hold in a world of craft IPAs, ciders, stouts, and porters. Around here, they price It low for hipsters to drink it ironically. But the Tibbetts seem to be enjoying it. And who were they? Well, Lawrence was an opera singer, actor, and radio host. His mustache never suited him, and he evidently drank heavily for years. In fact, he fell in his apartment and hit his head on a table, which proved fatal. I doubt anyone here has ever heard of him. But Laurel and Hardy did.


11 thoughts on “Well, maybe not the FINEST”

  1. Well, Blue Ribbon isn’t that bad. But, now probably more suited for sitting on the tailgate after a hard day working than the drink of choice while cruising.
    Two other things popped out in that poster: the ship’s officer pointing out the sites to the young lady and the on board dress attire of all the guests. Ah, the days before Carnival and Disney!

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  2. Years back when we lived in Utah I was talking to this salty old cowboy about this and that and he kept asking me if I liked PBR. I thought he was talking about Pabst Blue Ribbon and I told him hell to the no. He was getting all upset because he was talking about the Professional Bull Riding circuit. We finally ironed out our differences over a respectable beer.

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