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I’ll Top Myself Off, Thanks

Nat Geo 6/68

A patron of a Viennese wine garden refills his glass from a weinheber. A fat cigar, fine wine, a plate of cured meats, perhaps some friendly company. What else could one want? The article from which this came declares this image as an example of the German word, gemutlichkeit, which we’re all going to learn today.


Behance.net defines it as, “A feeling of friendliness and coziness that comes from drinking in a beer garden.”  They created this next poster, which you might find helpful, should you choose to add more words to your vocabulary. Perhaps a little humpen and hopfen is in order.

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I Want Strangers To Feed Me Again

Houston 175, James Coney Island on Walker Avenue, Houston

It’s a darn good thing I know how to cook, since I’ve had to cook 98% of our meals over these past nine weeks. My first thoughts in the morning are, “Take Bayer aspirin, give dog his pill, make coffee, thaw meat.” Meal prep is, as Willie Nelson sang, always on my mind. Manana in Texas means bars, yes, BARS, will open. Restaurants have already been plugging away at 25%, at least those that have not yet folded. A handful of iconic Austin restaurants operating for over 30 years each, have died a COVID death. Tomorrow, restaurants can allow 50% occupancy. And no, they will not shove blow-up sex dolls in booths to establish social distancing like a certain establishment in South Carolina did…


Austin is known for keeping it weird, but that’s hella weird. Crazy weird. And yet, when I think of the flaky dim bulb brains of many hostesses I’ve known, it’s probably helpful, so they wouldn’t seat those tables. Nice touch with the bowls and forks.

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Hot Dishes, Part III

Today we wrap up with servers and burgers from  Schacher’s Plates + Dishes.

In Virginia, we find young Lacy serving up a delicious-looking bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. That’s a fun indulgence.

Next, we visit the mysterious Roswell, New Mexico. Maybe it’s just me, but Christie looks a little extra-terrestrial herself, with her hair pulled back so tightly and those frameless lenses.

That “Alien Goo Burger” looks a hot mess, and not a burger at all. You may think these images were taken many moons ago, but only 13 years, to be exact. To be sure, prices were lower.

Evidently, they closed shop three years later. Roswellguy111 posted these words on the interwebs:

Crash Site Cafe Owner a mean guy

I worked for Danny Bowen the owner of Crash Site Cafe. The man was a good cook but he cheated his employees and cheated us pay. His business closed because he ran into financial trouble and because he was a mean boss. The food was the best but the owner was a bad guy. Crash Site Cafe is closed. If you’re going down second street as you enter Roswell, look by next to Sonic and you will see the abandoned restaurant with weeds and loneliness.

Weeds and loneliness. Well, how about that? Something disappeared in Roswell.

And something disappeared on this beverage glass. Clothes! What do you make of Alexa at The Palms in California? She’d fit right in here in Austin. Peace, man. And peace out.