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Sanka Makes The Fiesta

If you think the world hasn’t made great strides in being “woke” in the 83 years since this ad was printed in LIFE, you’re wrong. Instead of erasing the past, let’s shine a light on it, so that we know how far we’ve come, and continue to go. Let’s also remember to keep everything in context of its era and keep in mind that not everything that offends people was intended to belittle. As a Hispanic woman who has spent her life in Texas, I can tell you that many people DO speak with poor conjugation in broken sentences, as is par for the course when you are mastering a second language. I have heard sentences very similar to these. Before one jumps to outrage, one should try to see the big picture. Obviously, this wouldn’t fly in today’s advertising. And while I choose to grind my own beans each morning and consequently have never had Sanka, I sadly am forced to drink decaf as well. “I have sleep like the log” after evening coffee, too.

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From Morning Call To Last Call

1948 Cactus

Feast your eyes on these natty Texas Longhorns, travelling to Louisiana for a football game in the fall of 1947. I love their fedoras and cowboy hats, the curve of the cars, that one wide pointed black collar, and the teacup with saucer. Do you use saucers? I have some palm tree ones that go with my palm tree teacups, but we only use them separately now. It’s a perfect size for some buttered toast. I imagine these blokes had a nice cup of café au lait and beignets, the signature items of the Morning Call.

Eater New Orleans

The sign says it’s the “most famous coffee drinking place,” but I have never heard of it before. “Coffeehouse” would have taken up less real estate on the sign, but I imagine that word didn’t exist yet.

Morning Call opened in 1870, eight years after the more powerful and still thriving Cafe du Monde, who crushed them in a bidding war last year, which led to their final closing. Having never been to either, I can’t say as I understand the allure of deep fried dough sprinkled with confectioners sugar. Why not just have a donut? Donuts come in all sorts of flavors, and they’re less messy. Then again, in Texas, we consume more breakfast tacos than donuts, so we’re getting our protein and dairy as well. Perhaps the combination of sugary coffee and beignets led one doctor last year to declare Louisiana as “the obesity-diabetes  heartland of America.”

Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to tradition, especially after 149 years. These guys were sad to see it go.

youtube NOLADEEJ
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I Was Espresso When Espresso Wasn’t Cool

National Geographic Society

Granted, the fellow on the left looks 57, but apparently, he and his buddy were both Roman university students, sipping caffe espressos made from Brazilian beans between classes way back in 1937. Each student’s neckerchief bears colors denoting his course. Would you get a new neckerchief each time you changed majors?

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Coffee Schmoffee

Good Housekeeping March 1925
Good Housekeeping March 1925

Well, that sounds fine and dandy, but as a person who only puts God-awful stevia into her coffee to prevent sugarbeetes, I can testify that the thought of twice-daily cocoa invites fear.


Although, somehow I can rationalize dark chocolate and Coke and ice cream…

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You Bet I’ll Hang The Housework


You can bet Dad takes coffee breaks at his office job, so why not Mom? After all, nothing tastes or smells as good as coffee. Before happy hour, that is. And Mom works super hard.


“Such a mellow, bracing drink.” Yes, that’s exactly how I feel about it. Just like invigorating sea air.

You know, before there was texting or internet or TV after 10pm, America had a lot of time on its hands. Time to read 500-word ads on products they already used. And they appreciated informational tidbits that didn’t require an encyclopedia.

LifeApril51Coffee-006Yep, that’s exactly how happy blonde senoritas dressed as they picked coffee beans, in off-the-shoulder frocks and matching handkerchiefs. Apple-pickers set the precedent back in the 1940s. See for yourself how put-together this lady is. Why, even her roots look good!


I better start accessorizing when I go rip figs off our tree out back. I’ve really dropped the ball on that one.

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The Best Part Of Waking Up


The best part of waking up is not Folger’s in your cup; it’s not being dead. I average about four hours of sleep per night, so I am never fully-rested, fully-cognizant, or fully-functioning. It is one of many thorns in my side. But I keep waking up each morning, before the sun, before the rooster crows, still breathing and being alive.

In the time it’s taken you to read this, about 100 people have died. Yep, approximately 6000 per hour.

So consider yourself lucky! If you’re still here, you’ve still got a mission to accomplish. Maybe it’s tackling that in-box. Maybe it’s chores. Maybe it’s fighting an illness. Maybe it’s a kind word to build someone up today, or just putting one foot in front of the other. But you’re not still sitting here, converting oxygen into carbon dioxide, for nothing. My guess is you’ll make it to the next minute as well. Hey, that’s better than the 200 people who died since you clicked on this post. Cheers to life, buddy! Get another cup of coffee (free trade, fair trade, or whatever) and enjoy the morning.

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Because I Don’t Have Time To Wait For Seven Packets Of Sugar To Dissolve

Breakfast 066

Why isn’t it Sweet ‘N’ Low? With an apostrophe before and after the N? This bothers me. It stands for Sweet And Low, no? Not Sweeten Low. Saccharin be damned; it’s the grammar that concerns me. But isn’t this a cute ad? It’s enough to make me tear open a pink packet and pour it into my next cup of coffee.