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Coffee Schmoffee September 15, 2016

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Good Housekeeping March 1925

Good Housekeeping March 1925

Well, that sounds fine and dandy, but as a person who only puts God-awful stevia into her coffee to prevent sugarbeetes, I can testify that the thought of twice-daily cocoa invites fear.





Although, somehow I can rationalize dark chocolate and Coke and ice cream…


7 Responses to “Coffee Schmoffee”

  1. Perhaps if we were all still drinking from the small, fancy cup featured in the above ad, we’d never have to worry about sugarbeetes. 🙂

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  2. Benson Says:

    I use Sweet and Low in a vain attempt to control my girth. Also since I was forced into de-caffeination too much sugar may make me bounce around like a hyper-active speed freak. That being said I think 4 ounces of any beverage is merely a taste. Well except for maybe 100 proof bourbon. Four ounces is a whole lotta’ drink. I still need a minimum of 3 cups of coffee in the AM. Especially now that it is un-leaded.


    • kerbey Says:

      Sweet n Low is my favorite. I use it when we go out to eat. I hate Sweet Plus and Sweet Delight and all the wannabe Sweet n Lows. I need my musical notes! And I also have to drink decaf coffee now for doctor reasons (once a week, I have real stuff), so I understand the 3 cups!

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