From Morning Call To Last Call

1948 Cactus

Feast your eyes on these natty Texas Longhorns, travelling to Louisiana for a football game in the fall of 1947. I love their fedoras and cowboy hats, the curve of the cars, that one wide pointed black collar, and the teacup with saucer. Do you use saucers? I have some palm tree ones that go with my palm tree teacups, but we only use them separately now. It’s a perfect size for some buttered toast. I imagine these blokes had a nice cup of café au lait and beignets, the signature items of the Morning Call.

Eater New Orleans

The sign says it’s the “most famous coffee drinking place,” but I have never heard of it before. “Coffeehouse” would have taken up less real estate on the sign, but I imagine that word didn’t exist yet.

Morning Call opened in 1870, eight years after the more powerful and still thriving Cafe du Monde, who crushed them in a bidding war last year, which led to their final closing. Having never been to either, I can’t say as I understand the allure of deep fried dough sprinkled with confectioners sugar. Why not just have a donut? Donuts come in all sorts of flavors, and they’re less messy. Then again, in Texas, we consume more breakfast tacos than donuts, so we’re getting our protein and dairy as well. Perhaps the combination of sugary coffee and beignets led one doctor last year to declare Louisiana as “the obesity-diabetes  heartland of America.”

Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to tradition, especially after 149 years. These guys were sad to see it go.

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13 thoughts on “From Morning Call To Last Call”

  1. I use my saucers for toast and stuff as well. I can’t remember the last time I used a cup and saucer. It has been so long since I have been out to any joint for dinner much less a “fine” dining one I don’t even know if anyone uses them any more. I like beignets. I also like elephant ears. Your thought on Sopapilla?

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    1. Yeah, sopapillas are the same concept. You bite it, and there’s not much to it. I’d rather have a churro because it’s chewier and has cinnamon. So you haven’t been out for dinner? We wear our masks to the same Mexican restaurant each weekend, then take them off at the table. All servers wear masks. But neither of my folks have dined out since March. Not for any meal. 😦


  2. Beignets…I’d crawl a half mile over broken glass for fresh made beignets. Haven’t found a place in LA that does it right and that’s strange because there is every type of food in the world available around here. Must be the Mississippi mud or air or something. There is a place called “The Little Jewel of New Orleans” that is said to import them daily from Nawlins but I am skeptical if the freshness will hold up.

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  3. I love the concept of the beignet, Kerbey. Here in New York we thrill over fried dough, which is served either big and round or long and thin, both shapes sprinkled with either powdered sugar or a granulated cinnamon combo. They are a fave at the New York State Fair, folks walking around raising their sugar levels. I limit myself to small bites per year.

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  4. Actually, you have been to Cafe du Monde, in 1974. But you were a toddler. Dad and you and I flew to New Orleans and you went with us. We stayed at The Bourbon Orleans Hotel, and I was amazed at how expensive it was. Fun trip.

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