“It’s Swell To Get Camels Again”

You’ve probably never heard the name, Jerry Ambler. As you can see in this 1947 ad, he was a bronc-riding star, winning the North American Saddle Bronc title in 1941 and 1946. Born in Alberta, Canada, Ambler became the best of the best. The Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Jerry’s asserts that his greatestContinue reading ““It’s Swell To Get Camels Again””

Zoning Out

Three doctors–two young, one old–all engaged in a demo of “a new method of using penicillin” because learning never ends. And that class of ’06 meant 1906, of course. And what we hadn’t learned by the fall of 1946 was that Camel’s catchy T-zone slogan was not exactly accurate. But even if we had knownContinue reading “Zoning Out”

Not The Marlboro Man I Remember

Who’s THIS guy with the glasses, shelves of books, and a tat on his hand? That’s not The Marlboro Man. The Marlboro Man wears a cowboy hat and has a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. He’s wincing into the sun with crow’s feet and leathered skin but yet ruggedly handsome, despite the huge probabilityContinue reading “Not The Marlboro Man I Remember”

Ads That Almost Changed My Mind, Part II

If it’s toasted, it can’t be that bad. And what about these couples from a 1929 Camel ad? Don’t they look cozy and warm in the amber glow of a Prohibition-era eatery? If I couldn’t drink, I’d be smoking, too. Enjoy your finery and walking sticks while you got ’em, folks. Nine months ’til Black Tuesday…