16 thoughts on “Grand Gifts For Smokers”

      1. Did you ever listen to the John Mulaney comedy routine about “What’s New Pussycat?” Just YouTube his name the title. I first listened awhile back at the gym and almost fell off the stairmaster I was laughing so hard. Nowadays I can’t hear Tom Jones’ name without thinking of that routine.

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      2. OMG, yes. Over the summer, we were visiting a small Texas town, and we patronized a new Mexican restaurant. My 16 yr old thought it would be fun to reenact the skit, so he put all his quarters into their jukebox and waited. Finally, after several awful songs, it came upon WNP (seriously, why would a small town cafe even HAVE Tom Jones on the jukebox?), and we’re nibbling our chips and salsa, waiting, waiting … and then it ended and instead of repeating, led straight into a Tejano cha cha cha song. 😦 Boy, howdy, did my son feel defeated. We yanked the manager when she came by, and she said, “The jukebox is programmed to play a song only once in a row.” Foiled again.

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      3. Love it. I imagine teens all over the country tried that and diners all over the country set protective measures. I never much cared for the song but that skit ruined whatever minimal respect I had for it. I hear WNP and I break up even now.

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  1. This reminds me of my Wonder Bread years, Kerbey, when my father used to smoke a pipe and buy this sort of tobacco-from-a-can. Yuck. Also brings back that silly prank call to a Smoke Shop … Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Yes. Well let him out, he can’t breathe in there.

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