Lick It Up 1979

I don’t know if Mike Douglas is more horrified to be working the register at this Jack-In-The-Box or to have 30-year-old Gene Simmons’ famous tongue too close for comfort. Cher seems unfazed.


March Of Dimes: Vaccines That Work

source: A Living Lens

Below you can see celebrities like Grace Kelly helping with the effort.

Founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the National Center for Infantile Paralysis, it became known as the “March of Dimes” when the call went out for regular Americans to simply give a dime – ten cents – to fund research into a cure for polio.  The call came from entertainer Eddie Cantor who mused, “Nearly everyone can send in a dime, or several dimes. However, it takes only ten dimes to make a dollar and if a million people send only one dime, the total will be $100,000.”  The dimes poured in and by 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine.  Eventually the disease was licked and the March of Dimes turned its focus to birth defects. –

All Aboard The Bus To Long Beach

source: A Living Lens

The Pride Of Judea children’s home offered an annual summer outing to the institution’s shore home in Long Beach, New York. (June 1953)

Between 1915 and 1958 Pride of Judea Children’s Home was home for over 10,000 children.


April 16, 1923 Pride of Judea Orphan Home opens.
1925 P.S. 202 built and becomes elementary school to hundreds of Pride children.
1930s Name changed to Pride of Judea Children’s Home to acknowledge that many of the residents were not “orphans.”
1937 Third floor is added to accommodate the female residents.
1943 Bernard Scharp donates two homes in Long Beach, NY which provide the Home’s children with summer vacations.
1959 Pride of Judea Children’s Home closes.
1960-1972 Pride of Judea Mental Health Clinic (Center) opens and offers outpatient services.
1972 Center relocates to Douglaston, Queens and building closes.
Mid-1970s Building is torn down.
1985 An alumni chapter of former PJCH residents is established and named in honor of the late Rose Nadler Schefer who lived in the Home for 16 years.
1999 Pride of Judea Mental Health Center becomes part of a division of the Jewish Board for Family Services.
2000 Center changes its name to Pride of Judea Community Services and offers outpatient services and programs for the population of Northeast Queens.


Vassilis Tsitsanis, Master Of Bouzouki (Or Long-Necked Plucked Lute)

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Happy Spring, dear readers, and καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ (kalos IRTHATE) to you! That’s Greek for welcome and entirely fitting for today’s funny-named Greek bouzouki player, Vassilis Tsitsanis.

Born and died on the same day of January 18th (1915 – 1984), Tsitsanis was a Greek songwriter (of over 500 songs) and founder of Rebetiko (Greek urban laika songs). One of the leading Greek composers of his time, he is remembered as an accomplished composer and bouzouki player.

Google Translate pronounces his name as Vah-seeltz Teets-a-neice. I have never met a Vassilis (Greek for Basil) in my time, but evidently there are several dozen famous Greek “footballers” who answer to Vassilis, Greek for Basil, so it is not an uncommon name. However, Tsitsanis went by his surname most of the time.

Interested in music from a young age, the Trikala-born youngster learned to play the violin, mandola, and the mandolin. However, art doesn’t often…

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