Stout Is Out: Boys Don’t Make Passes At Flabby Flappers

Good Housekeeping, March 1925

Lick It Up 1979

I don’t know if Mike Douglas is more horrified to be working the register at this Jack-In-The-Box or to have 30-year-old Gene Simmons’ famous tongue too close for comfort. Cher seems unfazed.


March Of Dimes: Vaccines That Work

source: A Living Lens

Below you can see celebrities like Grace Kelly helping with the effort.

Founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the National Center for Infantile Paralysis, it became known as the “March of Dimes” when the call went out for regular Americans to simply give a dime – ten cents – to fund research into a cure for polio.  The call came from entertainer Eddie Cantor who mused, “Nearly everyone can send in a dime, or several dimes. However, it takes only ten dimes to make a dollar and if a million people send only one dime, the total will be $100,000.”  The dimes poured in and by 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine.  Eventually the disease was licked and the March of Dimes turned its focus to birth defects. –