March Of Dimes: Vaccines That Work

source: A Living Lens

Below you can see celebrities like Grace Kelly helping with the effort.

Founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the National Center for Infantile Paralysis, it became known as the “March of Dimes” when the call went out for regular Americans to simply give a dime – ten cents – to fund research into a cure for polio.  The call came from entertainer Eddie Cantor who mused, “Nearly everyone can send in a dime, or several dimes. However, it takes only ten dimes to make a dollar and if a million people send only one dime, the total will be $100,000.”  The dimes poured in and by 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine.  Eventually the disease was licked and the March of Dimes turned its focus to birth defects. –

18 thoughts on “March Of Dimes: Vaccines That Work”

    1. My husband’s aunt had polio and has been in a wheelchair for years and homebound, but her sister was vaccinated and is healthy, so we have a visible reminder of it still today. Young people don’t understand how terrifying it was in the early 50s.


  1. Polio was a huge scare in the days of my youth. Parents would warn of being placed in “the iron lung” which was a horrifying prospect. I can recall a couple kids who contracted polio and became crippled. When I hear idiots prattling on against vaccines like this I wonder if their parents dropped them on the heads as children or perhaps forcibly swung them into walls.

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    1. Agreed. My husband’s aunt has one normal leg and one spindly toothpick polio leg all these 60 yrs later. The iron lung sounds terrifying. Didn’t people think they could contract it in public pools?


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