6 thoughts on “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight, Like Chicken Tonight”

  1. I can image. Most of those kids were from the city so they don’t come across undressed critters too often. I have done hog and goat a few times. Not my most favorite of things but going hungry has to be worse. Fresh chicken is a feast beyond compare. Roasted chicken with chiles and tortillas. Oh my.

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  2. When I lived with my Mom in her parents’ home in Lawrence, Kansas, occasionally Paw would get a live chicken from somewhere. My brother and I would watch as he deftly swung the ax and chopped off the bird’s head, then the body would run around in circles to our glee and amazement, and flop over dead. My Nonny would swing into action and bring the bloody mess into the kitchen. The sink would be full of scalding water as she plucked the feathers off and prepared it for cooking (always wearing a homemade apron). We would eat it with gratitude. Who among us today would be up to the task of preparing such fresh fare?

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