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Gladys Tempts Fate With Sub-Par Tinsel Skills: Deanne Snaps November 6, 2018

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Westerner ’64

Gabriel and Maria were privy to the final moments before Deanne went ballistic on poor, inept Gladys, wrestling her to the ground and yelling, “It’s tinsel, Gladys, not a beaded curtain!”

And Gladys never did tinsel again.



Meth: Not Even Once October 6, 2018

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want June 15, 2018

This kiddo wishes he were ANYWHERE but under the tree with these losers. Perhaps he’s upset because he received a Norma pencil.

At least these parents know how to make their daughter’s Christmas a bright one.

I’d think you could use that pram for a real baby, no?

But the best gift by far is always a car.  Especially if it’s a Cadillac.


How Lovely Are Thy Branches December 24, 2017

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Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee With An Ornament Pressed Up Against My Face December 16, 2017

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Before Flat Screens, There Were Fat Screens December 6, 2017

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Look, Christmas Is Coming! November 28, 2017

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1955 Sooner


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