Flu Season

LIFE: A Century of Change

No, these women aren’t sick; they’re aspiring “counter girls.” You know, the ones at department stores, trying to sell you overpriced cosmetics. These ladies are just a few of the 2,500 women that took Helena Rubinstein’s 1941 one-week “epidermal consultant” training course. Here, they are learning the art of dabbing a powder puff.

Dandified First Mate

National Geographic 1/49

“Dandified first mate” are the words printed in the magazine, and you can see why. He’s getting the full diva treatment. Stephen Johnson receives a shave by Louise Stewart, and gets his nails done by Meg Young. Arthur Johnson (far right) turned 12 that day, and faced a rather odd visual of impending manhood.

Aboard the same Brigantine¬†Yankee‘s deck, more grooming takes place, as Miss Booth gives Alan Pierce a haircut out in the fresh sunshine.

Meanwhile, Miss Stewart knits, and Mrs. Johnson eats her banana.


Or should I say “triplet-ies”?

Reminisce: Pics from the Past

Bert Nelson, Ramona Larson, and Rosella Lillehaug enjoyed a typical high school day in Hettinger, North Dakota in 1953, although methinks they’re dressed for bowling league night. Pedal pushers, saddle shoes, and white button-downs–could they be any cuter?