Only Godless Heathens Don’t Wear Hats

1920 is most remembered as the year women got the vote, and perhaps these very women DID vote that year. However, this was a day of leisure, a pleasant afternoon of watching boats shuttle visitors to and from the San Jacinto battlegrounds in Houston. Most Texans know the battle happened in 1836, the year TexasContinue reading “Only Godless Heathens Don’t Wear Hats”

Rowing Away From The Crazy

I love vintage National Geographics. They didn’t mince words in describing these “shanty-boat folk” in May of 1932, which, though in the Depression, was STILL probably a better May than ours, as they weren’t consumed by thoughts of invisible germs killing them. Shanty-boat folk don’t care about no germs. SBF don’t care about paying propertyContinue reading “Rowing Away From The Crazy”

Dandified First Mate

“Dandified first mate” are the words printed in the magazine, and you can see why. He’s getting the full diva treatment. Stephen Johnson receives a shave by Louise Stewart, and gets his nails done by Meg Young. Arthur Johnson (far right) turned 12 that day, and faced a rather odd visual of impending manhood. AboardContinue reading “Dandified First Mate”

Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1999 (Plus 20 Years)

Now THIS is a party! Colored lampshades, white tuxes, bobbed silver hair, moonlight at sea… Most folks weren’t having a great 1933. While the unemployment rate reached an ungodly 25%, the idea of enjoying the luxury of an offshore cruiser was largely unattainable. But perhaps you could win the affection of a ruddy-complected captain.

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re On Delta Anymore

These lucky fliers had the good fortune to be alive during the height of plane travelin’ glory in 1950. Can you imagine being able to extend the length of your arm above you, and not smashing into the overhead compartment? The truth is–this is a Ted Solent flying boat, which made many Australia-England runs. TheyContinue reading “Toto, I Don’t Think We’re On Delta Anymore”