High-Water Style 1938

Nebraska Wesleyan University 1938
Nebraska Wesleyan University 1938

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So Much Out Of Focus

Myrtle Beach Day III 025

Let us remember today that the same scene can be seen different ways. One allows us to focus on the one issue with what we perceive to be clarity, ignoring all of the complicated background. The other way allows us to see everything that is going on behind that proud, colorful flower.

Myrtle Beach Day III 026

Ad & Plinky Toepperwein

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They’re Pinky and the Brain

Yes, Pinky and the Brain

One is a genius, the other’s insane.

Such go the lyrics of the 1990s animated series Pinky and the Brain, about two cage-sharing laboratory mice. Today’s funny-named couple are not mice indeed, but they could be deemed Plinky and the Brawn. Yep, that there is Plinky–the one in the skirt–and you know who the Brawn is. And I don’t mean LeBron.

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Actually, the Brawn was a native Texan named Adolph (before Adolf oozed of evil connotations) Toepperwein (before Tupperware oozed of delightful connotations), a rifle-doting trick shooter who toured the vaudeville circuit at the turn of the century (not this one; the one before). On a visit to a Winchester Repeating Arms Company, he met an employee named Elizabeth Servaty. He said, “Hey, nineteen” (her age at the time) and fell immediately in love with her.

In 1903, Ad took…

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