23 thoughts on “When Pin Boy Was A Viable Career”

  1. I know that was a job at one time. I just wonder how someone would go about applying. “Am nimble and light on my feet and have an interest in wooden clubs and dodging rolling balls.”

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  2. Believe it or not, I did this when I was a kid, Kerbey. My paternal grandfather managed a club where they had four lanes, no machinery, pin boys. He and my dad would let me get back there only when it was just them two screwing around trying not to hit me with the ball. It was too serious for league play and the big kids were fast and nimble.

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      1. You just coined a new saying for our gang, Kerbey. “This is very Paul of you.” For that I must add my own Paulism: Ha! And now I will go look for a photo of me at about 8 years old with a pin stuck to the side of my head. Nope. None exist.

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  3. I’m just as intrigued by the fact that they had a bowling alley in the subway! A bit hard for me to believe that so many people did bowling at a time when it was so energy-intensive to set up. My dad tells me stories though… apparently it was a very popular pastime – moreso than it is now.

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