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You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’ November 4, 2018

Cactus 79




1943 Arbutus


1955 Cactus, Alpha Gamma Delta’s “Flamin’ Mamie”


Cactus 49


Cactus 78


Reveille 60


Les Is More October 25, 2018

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Century of Change, credit: Michael Ochs

By the ripe age of 32, Les Paul had fretted together the instrument that would make rock music possible and listeners able to feel the noize: the solid-bodied electric guitar. He seems to be scratching his head as to what his invention had wrought.

Below, you can see his first sound-on-sound Ampex recorder; Paul pioneered multi-track recording. The guitar is his second Epiphone “clunker” modified with a steel bar to mount pickups. The amp is a Gibson EH-150.

Les Paul is the only person to be included in both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Fun fact: Paul was Steve Miller’s godfather (yes, that Steve Miller) and his first guitar teacher. Compare these 15 vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars.

His mind was nimble and ever creating. Paul passed away at 94 in 2009.



The Cure’s Robert Smith Leaves Stage To Arrest Disorderly Confederate Soldiers October 13, 2018

Cactus 79

At least that’s what it looked like to me.

But upon further inspection, it’s not Smith; it’s a UT campus policeman, arresting one of the Kappa Alphas during their traditional (and illegal) “confederate swim” in Littlefield Fountain. Bet that wouldn’t fly nowadays on any side of the aisle.


Not Quite Muskrat Love July 31, 2018

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This happy family is full of love, but they aren’t muskrats. These are.

Chubby little things, aren’t they?

“Muskrat Love” was a love song from the bicentennial year, which peaked at #4 with the Captain & Tennille’s version.  No, it doesn’t make any sense.

muskrat love

You can see below how the silliness seeped forth. Note Tennille’s pageboy bob, popular at the time.

While the song does not deserve a listen, the video is worth it, if not for Toni’s beautiful smile and rich voice–and Daryl’s absolutely wretched keyboard noises. Ultimately, love did not keep them together, and Daryl is no longer doing that to her one more time, but such is life. No?


Paulaner, Reubens, & Music At Ketzler’s March 14, 2018

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Beth, I Feel You Texting February 2, 2018

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But I can’t come home right now…


8 X 9 And Looking Fine January 19, 2018

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Miss Dolly turns 72 today. In the words of my sister-in-law: If you don’t like Dolly, I don’t want to know you.


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