Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Elvis, NOLA, Aug 12, 1956 by Jay B. Leviton

What is going on here? No one is rushing the stage. Folks are in their seats. No Zippos in the air. No bra straps showing. Petticoats are full, waists cinched nicely. It’s a remarkable expression of containment and decorum, when you know full well those girls are about to. lose. their. minds.

And there is Elvis, prostrate, barely legal to drink, full of chills that are multiplying and sending electric shocks up the spines of the mostly female audience. I would say he’s all shook up, but that won’t come out till next year, the year he buys Graceland and is drafted into the military.

Fortunately, Elvis lives to tour again and continues the theme of lying down during set lists, even as his age doubles from 21 to 42. Yes, the sideburns and jumpsuits (and karate moves) are new. But some things never change.

5 thoughts on “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”

  1. I have to read more slowly. I thought you were referring to Elvis’ prostate. I saw Elvis once – the famous Aloha from Hawaii concert. January 1973. We had seats right up front and a little to stage left. Never forget it. It was a really, really big deal in Hawaii back then.

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    1. No way! You get to do all the cool things! First, you got to live in Hawaii before every house was over $1000000. And you got to see Elvis before he was bloated.


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