Let Me Soothe You With My Chorded Zither

It’s WWII. An injured soldier tolerates appreciates the twang of a skilled Red Cross Gray Lady, plucking the strings of an autoharp. Why Gray Lady, you ask? Because she has gray hair? No. Gray Ladies were volunteers who performed non-medical services to sick, injured, or disabled patients. They were not nurses, but they could readContinue reading “Let Me Soothe You With My Chorded Zither”

Partial Eclipse Of The Heart

For the last week, all my family has thought about is hearts. My husband lost 20 lbs this year by controlling his diet, and we took to taking daily walks during quarantine to continue the trend, boost our lung health, and stave off any ‘rona respiratory issues. By minute 10, he often felt a chestContinue reading “Partial Eclipse Of The Heart”

Boxes And Boxes Of Babies

Today we continue in our appreciation for the medical field, who has been streeeeetched to their limits during these past several weeks, and will probably all be suffering from PTSD for the rest of their lives. But back in July of 1970, high-haired Connie Wharton and Jean Davis were keeping it casual and lowkey whileContinue reading “Boxes And Boxes Of Babies”