Partial Eclipse Of The Heart

For the last week, all my family has thought about is hearts. My husband lost 20 lbs this year by controlling his diet, and we took to taking daily walks during quarantine to continue the trend, boost our lung health, and stave off any ‘rona respiratory issues. By minute 10, he often felt a chestContinue reading “Partial Eclipse Of The Heart”

That Weird Friend Who Overextends Her Neck

In most cases, the lady donning a lavender turtleneck with a sunflower gold vest would clearly be the one who makes bad judgment calls. But in this case, it’s Blondie with the arched back. Or perhaps it’s not arched at all. Perhaps she is planking on another piece of cinder block, tightening those abs while sheContinue reading “That Weird Friend Who Overextends Her Neck”

I Pledge Allegiance To Pure Evil

I just got this February 3, 1941 copy of Life. I have TONS of Life magazines; I even have a room we call the “Life room” because it has glass cabinets housing piles of vintage mags. But I’d never seen this one. The U.S. was a few months shy of entering WWII at this point,Continue reading “I Pledge Allegiance To Pure Evil”

Even Purple Rain Would Be Nice

The sky has been the biggest tease for over a month now, growing cloudy each morning and late afternoon, sending ominous dark clouds to lord over me as I jog. I tempt fate by washing my car and watering the fig tree, since that’s usually a guarantee for precipitation, but to no avail. The mostContinue reading “Even Purple Rain Would Be Nice”