I Pledge Allegiance To Pure Evil


I just got this February 3, 1941 copy of Life. I have TONS of Life magazines; I even have a room we call the “Life room” because it has glass cabinets housing piles of vintage mags. But I’d never seen this one. The U.S. was a few months shy of entering WWII at this point, but we were well aware of The Führer. Don’t you just wish you were there to smash his face in?

LifeFeb41-026The frenzy caused by his presence is disturbing and unnerving. What brainwashing of a country to treat him as their savior.

LifeFeb41-027Have you seen these images before? I hadn’t. Are those beaming teenagers still alive? Have they since seen themselves in these images, so joyful, so radiant, so hopeful? Little did they know.




11 thoughts on “I Pledge Allegiance To Pure Evil

  1. Disgusting. Who was that said “History may not repeat itself but it sure rhymes.” Unfortunately there are some similarities with 2014 and 1939. I am sure if Hitler’s “pep squad ” were still alive they would have myriad excuses. It would seem as though some folks who support Evil just can’t accept the fact that by supporting Evil they allowed some to splash on them, and washing won’t help.

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  2. I think it was far more complicated than that, Benson. We know now the evil he had in his heart and soul. But those smiling kids in the photos? At the stage of the war when this (fantastic you got your hands on this, really, Kerbey) issue of Life came out, they were likely lapping up the more innocuous speeches that he and his top brass knew they needed to hear at that point. I don’t know. I’m not a history major. I just don’t want to believe that these kids were bad to the core, just following a really bad dude.

    Kerbey, I am right-on with the fact that you have a Life room. That’s really darn close to being a history major in my book! Liz, does Kerbey need a formal dining room more than a Life room? 🙂

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    1. I think the kids were not bad, either. Just brainwashed into believing, knowing only what they were told. Boys had to join Hitler Youth mandatory, I thought? I cannot fathom feeling that way about any leader. Oh, the jadedness and skepticism nowadays. BTW, all my magazines are organized behind the glass, and my son plays the keyboard and trumpet in there as well. So it’s multi-purpose.


    2. no one NEEDS a formal dining room, but it sounds like Kerbey needs a Life room. She could put up a card table, cover it with a lovely tablecloth, bring out some vintage glassware and throw a heckuva cocktail party 🙂

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  3. that is creepy–who knew? Like a rock star. I know little about details, but wondering if he was truly evil at the start or if things just took on a life of their own.

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