Ads That Almost Changed My Mind, Part I


This 1933 ad for Budweiser is so colorfully delicious, that I almost forgot my many encounters with the “King of Bottled Beer” and the inherent mehness it consistently offers. My Bud experience has ne’er entailed a sunbursting orchestra as fancy dancers trip the light fantastic. Then again, 1933 was the year that the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, ending national Prohibition. Any ale tastes good after 14 years of illicit backwoods hooch.



  1. It is possible the brew was very different than the stuff they sell now. There was a beer I recall from my youth called Falls City. It was cheap and could aspire to be termed bad. About a year ago I found it at a local hipster pub on draft. Basically on a dare I ordered a pint and it was delicious. I did some research and discovered that the original brewers in Evansville Indiana closed down a few years back and sold it to some folks in Louisville. They did their own research and decided to make a brew closer to the original recipe. Well I am here to say that the new brewers have nothing on the old guys. This beer is definitely on a par with a brew like Flat Tire. I thought this might be pertinent to your post but after all this chatter, I’m not sure.

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  2. Strewth, you really are testing it, hey! Yesterday, a wonderful cottage in the back-country, and today you’ve got beer on offer to go with it. Crikey, a bloke could start to settle in here, can’t wait for tomorrow… 😉

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  3. I like the way the sun seems to be rising between the hill and the city – as pretty as that may be it can’t be good news. ha! of course it could be a nuclear weapon but they weren’t invented yet in 1933 were they?

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  4. You’re right about one thing, Kerbey. That year, they were ready to lap up any legit lager or pilsener, even one that uses rice in the process and gives you (well, me) the worst hangover of any domestic brand. In the college days when I drank Bud in hangover-inducing gallons, that is.

    So. Yes, this ad is a beaut. Very enticing.

    Benson, the best beer I ever tasted was a local draft at a luau in Kuwai. It was flavored with passion fruit. I’m pretty sure it was under the Longboard label. I’ve Googled it every so often since 2010 hoping I could post about it, but I’ve never found any mention of a any brand that does that.

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  5. “world’s largest brewery” aren’t bragging rights so much anymore. Now it’s all craft and artisan. What kind of beer do you like, Kerbey?

    They have totally upscaled it with the flute. Wouldn’t think to pour Bud in such a glass. Now Moscato, different story!

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    • Well, my son just failed to obey (for the second time) a long list of TWO tasks he was asked to do, so he just got a spanking, so I just got Bacardi, and the answer to what will I drink is anything at this point. If I’m in a micro brewery, I will try something with citrus or lemongrass or whatever is under $6. If I am rolling in money, I’ll have a frosty Stella Artois. I spent years drinking pints of Shiner Bock at a sports bar. But really, short of champagne, pour it in a glass, and I’ll drink it.

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      • you don’t like champagne? What about its ethnic cousins–prosecco, cava?

        I will toast your motherhood (ain’t easy, being a mom) with my Rob Roy–1 part whiskey to 1 part vermouth and a dash of bitters. Not loving it, but trying new things.

        With a daughter your son’s age, I will say that even though she’s smart (just like yours), she can flake out big time. Something in their brains has yet to connect. Doesn’t mean we can’t keep hoping and expecting great things 🙂

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      • I think I could take prosecco. Champagne just makes my tummy upset. Your Rob Roy sounds good. My son failed to eat his meal in the manner he has been instructed, and I am weary of having the same conversations each night. It makes one crazy.


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