No Seatbelt Required




  1. I don’t think those kids would get a block now a days. Which begs the question. Are we, as a society more caring that 60 years ago or are we more distrustful of our kids? Maybe we are jaded enough to know that if something bad can happen it probably will. Any way, those two guys are a couple of lucky fellows.

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    • Texting surely is worse than no seatbelts, but I’ve always worn seatbelts, so I never take the chance. My son walks two blocks to the bus stop each morning, and I peek out every couple of minutes to make sure he’s okay. Of course, our daily news shows robbery, murder, kidnapping, the child sex trade, so we do live in constant fear. Just a few days ago some whackjob downtown started firing upon the police dept and the Mexican consulate. Fortunately, an officer holding a horse’s reins in one hand used his other to pop a cap in his side and lay him out at 60 yards. I do like when justice is served so quickly.

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